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        *SELF-SABOTAGE & HOW IT AFFECTS                      RELATIONSHIPS                    

 *COMMUNICATION SKILLS                   

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 Couples/Marriage Workshops


 Couples/Marriage Workshops


My husband and I have been working with Dr. Mitch now for a little over 3 years now. After much searching, we found him and Life Coach Lisa needing help with our marriage. But in the process, we realized it was more than that, it was also working on our inner self. Dr. Mitch was just who needed to help us through this, he was able to tap into all the precise details of our issues, help us work through them, and discover what we we're capable of. This process was not easy, it's hard work, it's profoundly deep, but you can 100% trust that Dr. Mitch will get you to where you need to go. He is very attentive, supportive, extremely knowledgeable, genuinely caring, non-judgmental, motivating, and so much more! We highly recommend Dr. Mitch to anyone and everyone who is wanting and needing a positive change in their life. YOU are worth it, your loved ones are worth it!

Dr. Mitch and Lisa have Saved our Marriage. I cannot thank them enough for their Knowledge,  Experience & their Professionalism. We are Truly Grateful  John & Debbie from NYC.

We want to thank Dr. Mitch & Lisa for helping our Family stay together. They are an Awesome Couples who really understood our Problems and taught us the Art of Communication. Dan & Jen from California.

Mitch and Lisa have been like friends to us, Life Coaching us all the way. They gave us advice in so many area's that helped us stay on the same team, even though we disagreed they taught us how to communicate and Respect each other thoughts, opinions and feelings. They taught us how to be sensitive to each others feeling without judgement. Rick & Kim from Ohio.

My wife and I were literally out the door. We had already seen lawyers and were ready to proceed with divorce. My wife came across Dr. Mitch and his wife Lisa on Psychology Today and decided to make a last ditch effort to save our marriage. They were kind, sensitive people that suggested discernment coaching. We had a few sessions with them and were able to finally communicate our feelings and fears to each other. Without their guidance and experience we could not have  moved past our issues. Thank you guys and we will be seeing soon. Chris and Nancy Boston, Mass

Thank you Dr. Mitch and Lisa for keeping our family intact during a difficult time in our marriage. We used your rules and skills to communicate with each other so that our arguing could stop and not hurt the kids. We are forever grateful and appreciative. thank you both,  Jim and Dee  from Seattle

Dr. Mitch and Lisa thank you for your great wisdom and years of experience. I never thought that my husband could be sensitive to my hurt feelings. I was convinced that a narcissist did not have the ability to make changes. With your help and communication methods we were able to connect better than we ever did before. Still work to be done , but we have come so far. Jennifer and Gary  Vermont

Thank you both for teaching us how to be sensitive to each others feelings. We practice your rules and skills daily. My husbands infidelity was devasting to me. You helped him figure out the " Why "  to his behaviour through individual coaching. He now knows more about himself and his self esteem than ever before. We are starting to rebuild trust slowly. You are our guardian angels from above. Marianne and Joseph from Maryland

Dr. Mitch and Lisa are experienced and informative with their approach. They truly made our workshops simple and easy to learn. Their guidance and skills are invaluable, we will have them in our marriage for a lifetime. Thank you again and again. Dr. M and Dr. S

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