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Family and Parenting


Dr.Mitch (myself) has been in Practice for over 30+ years (as a psychotherapist & Life Coach) and in my opinion, I believe that there is nothing more important in Life than  raising your Family. As a Single Parent or a Couple, the most challenging for Parents (especially) if you are working, is to manage to give your family Quality of your time, as you might not have the Quantity you would like.

In addition, it is very important to identify any Individual or Family dynamics  that are causing any one or more family members to exhibit problem behaviors.  When you are sensitive enough to realize that something is wrong DO NOT HESITATE to Call Dr. Mitch or get Help rather than some parents rationalize to themselves that things will get better in time.

ADOLESCENCE is a tough times for everyone. Notice your teens behavior and the things that they say. Many times they are asking or calling for our help & guidance but they don't know how to communicate that. So be sure and look for your spots that you can open up the communication between the two of you. The signs are there if you really try & read between the lines. Don't take it for granted that everything is ok just because they do not get into trouble or have good grades. Many times teens are having more trouble when things are to silent and don't act out a little.

Be a good listener to your children and family and really try and get the real meaning of what they are trying to say.

Important Example: PROCESS VS CONTENT

The CONTENT of a conversation is the actual words the person is saying literally, but the PROCESS is the underlying meaning of those words. So for ex. if your 6 year old child asks you for a bank account  and you just say no , that you are not old enough, the child would go away with some self doubt etc.  But if instead, you sit back and said to yourself  WHY IS MY CHILD ASKING THIS TO ME AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME and then I can answer my child by saying, OF COURSE YOU CAN GET A BANK ACCOUNT WHEN YOU ARE READY BECAUSE I SEE THAT YOU ARE VERY RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR CHORES & SCHOOL WORK AND I CANNOT WAIT TO TAKE YOU TO THE BANK. Then your child will walk away feeling really good about themselves, which is the feedback they were really are looking for.

In Addition, I will go over Parenting skills as well, to help your child with their Behavior & Motivation. We want them to want to be THE BEST THAT THEY CAN BE!!

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