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Couples/Marriages Workshops

RELATIONSHIPS ARE DIFFICULT !!!   Dr. Mitch Psy.D. was a Psychotherapist for 20+ years Specializing in Marriage & Relationship Counseling.  However, I learned very early in my Practice that most couples needed Present & Immediate Help/skills to deal with their everyday issues. This is the reason Lisa Couples/Marriage Life Coach and Dr. Mitch Psy.D.  have concentrated on  Marriage/Couples Workshops. We discovered that the (45 minute session) does not work well for couples, in fact, all it did was to open up a "Can of Worms".  When the couple went home they began fighting even more & more intensely. THIS WAS NOT FAIR TO THEM !! *In Addition, Lisa & Dr. Mitch Co-Lead the Couples Workshops together, in order to have a Female & Male Perspective*. Please Call Now Dr. Mitch for a Free Phone Consult 760.507.2637 or 714.908.8984 or 818.308.1873

Dr. Mitch developed a 2 Session Workshop or 3 Session  Workshop (Your Choice) mini-workshop to assess the Couples problems and quickly give them the skills to Communicate with each other. We also developed the one or two day Workshop,  in which Dr. Mitch & Lisa work with the Couple for either one or two days in order to get their relationship to a place where they understand their issues and then we give them the tools to deal with their challenges. When this is Successful, then we move on to the bigger issues, (infidelity, control, lying, addictions, abuse, anger, dependence) but we will concentrate on your Present issues of your relationship and on the Art of  Communicating with each other. We do not have to go into your past and dig up all the reasons you are the way you are. Instead, we gave you the tools you need to face any issues that comes along in your Relationship in the PRESENT. 

 REMEMBER ITS THE PRESENT  WHERE HAPPINESS IS NOT THE PAST OR EVEN THE FUTURE. Many times when we think of the past, we feel GUILTY  & this  brings up PAST TRAUMAS/MEMORIES & this Creates ANGER, DEPRESSION & FEELINGS of being a VICTIM, which affect our SELF-ESTEEM & takes away our Happiness in the PRESENT. In Thinking about THE FUTURE  it brings up Feelings of  FEAR & ANXIETIES which also takes you away from being Happy in the PRESENT.  (WE WILL DISCUSS FURTHER).

                                                             MARRIAGE RULES

*  Never be Judgmental (Minimize or Discount) each others feelings

 *  Never try to prove each other right or wrong (We do not have a Judge to decide).

*  Never blame one another ( We Empower ourselves )

*  Always take responsibility for your own actions

*  Never be defensive, you don't have to be, just listen and relate

*  Never discuss anything important when under the influence

*  Always call a time out when things start getting heated (That must be the LAW).

*  Never call names or hit below the belt or bring up old wounds

*  Always take turns (one issue at a time) when bringing up issues (Do not Interrupt each other)

*  Be a Good listener (Try and relate to your Partner, Put yourself in their shoes).

*  Be sensitive to each others feelings by putting yourself in the other persons shoes

 *  Try and relate to each others feelings without being  Judgmental

 *  Create a peaceful place in your home where you can discuss issues

Ex.   Light candles, Soft Background Lighting and Music

*  Always try and get in touch with your own feelings first and then try to communicate 

your feelings in words to your partner (Never Discuss anything when you are Angry) 

                                    Learn how to get your Composure and use your Coping Skills (THINK things Through)

 * Always respect each others Perception of a situation 

                                   ** Change will occur through Sensitivity, Compassion and Empathy (Not thru Debating who is right                                               and who is wrong).  Always remember we are a TEAM not Adversaries.


         MARRIAGE/COUPLES CRISIS:  We have several Intense Private COUPLES/Marital Workshops that are Designed Especially for the RELATIONSHIPS that are going through a CRISIS PRESENTLY or want to make Good RELATIONSHIPS Better.  These Couples NEED Extra Attention Right Away and should Not have to Wait for the traditional 1x per week sessions. Please Call Dr. Mitch Psy.D & Lisa to go over what the different programs we offer. Dr. Mitch will Try and Help you Save Your Marriage/Relationship Immediately because we know Time is of the Essence.

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