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Services Provided

Dr. Mitch Psy.D. & Lisa Couples Life Coach, work with a wide range of clients and offer a Highly personalized approach Tailored to each Couple. In a supportive atmosphere, we help clients attain their professional and personal growth they're striving for. We Specialize with ADULTS* FAMILIES* COUPLES/MARRIAGES* SENIORS*  & ALL PEOPLE SUFFERING WITH ANXIETY* FEAR* STRESS* DEPRESSION* ADDICTIONS* EATING DISORDERS & MUCH MORE.

Dr. Mitch Psy.D., has worked as a Psychotherapist in Private Practice for over 30+ years.  His experience has shown him that the tradition 45 minute session does NOT work for everyone. In Fact, he has Designed a 3 hour Mini-Workshop for his New Clients to start Immediately identifying and dealing with their presenting problems.  In this way his clients are given the time they need to express themselves to Dr. Mitch and start the healing process in the First Session. We NO longer believe that a Client in Pain should have to wait for the next 45 minute session in a week from their first appt. We offer sessions both in-person and on the phone. We will start with an initial assessment to clearly define your short & long term goals, everything from communication skills to personal acceptance. We will use these goals as a foundation to create a strategy for attaining these objectives. We specialize in the following areas:

Services Provided

Personal GrowthSelf-EsteemDepression
Anxiety & Panic attacksDivorce MediationPeople with Disabilities
Professional DevelopmentAddictionsSubstance Abuse
GriefLoss and LonelinessStress
Suicidal ThoughtsRelationships/ CouplesMarriages
Parenting & Co-ParentingFamily & Blended Family issuesSpousal Abuse
Communication SkillsTeenages and ChildrenBullying
Fears-Phobias-AnxietyObessive Compulsive DisorderConfidence & Personal Power
Elderly and SeniorsSports & School Performance/MotivationP.T.S.D. Trauma Veterans
Inner PeaceGender IdentitySexuality
LGBTQ IssuesWomen's IssuesAnger & Control Management
Co-DependencyMen's IssuesFinances
Career CoachingAssertivenessHealth & Medical
Eating DisordersSpiritualityPhilosophy

Additional Services Provided:

Marriage Mediation 

Which entails a three hour session of intense work in order to help the couple learn the skills of communicating & Mediating their differences and issues to resolution. Marriage Mediation is geared towards solving problems & learning the skills to dealing with their issues now and in the future. Marriage Mediation can be done either in our office or in your home or on the phone.


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