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     ****OUR PROGRAM***

  *****RELATIONSHIPS IN CRISIS *** We Have Four to Six Private Couples/Marriage Workshops, in order to Rapidly Accelerate your Healing & Your Communication Process (Traditional 45 minute session simply Does Not Work).  

During these 4 to 6 weeks, we will see both of you Individually First, in order to understand your Perspectives of your Problems/Issues. Then, we will Formulate an Individualized Treatment Plan for you, so that when we all meet for Your Workshop, we will have a Plan of Action to Work Through Your Challenges Step by Step. This will Help each of you Learn the Art of  Sensitivity, Empathy & Compassion. 

With our 35+ Years of  Experience, we will Educate and Teach you how to Identify & Work Through your Issues to Resolution. Once Achieved, you will have Learned the Art of Communication & Learn How to Overcome Any & All of  Your Communication Challenges for Your Future.  These 4 to 6  Workshops are Informative & Powerful, in order to Accelerate Your Healing Process & Stop any further Damage from Occurring. In Addition, OUR SUCCESS RATE  is  85% of all Our Couples that have Successfully Completed Our  Couples Workshops Relationship Program. (See our Marriage Rules & Skills above on our Website).

**Our Program Fees for Each Session or Workshop:

                                          **Our Comprehensive Intake or Individual Sessions 30 to 45 minutes:       $199 

                                          **Traditional Private Couples Session 45 minutes with Dr. Mitch                 $299                 

                                          **Our Private Mini-Workshop 60 minutes with both Dr. Mitch & Lisa:    $399

                                           **Our Private Mini-Workshop 75 Minutes with both Dr. Mitch & Lisa     $499

                                          **Our Private Full Workshop 90 minutes with both Dr. Mitch & Lisa:       $599

                                    ** You can Choose which Program works for you, as we are Flexible and Sensitive to your Needs and Financial Concerns. Our Philosophy overall, is for a Accelerated Rapid Recovery, therefore, the more time we have with you, the Quicker we can Identify your Difficulties & Challengers. Then, (with our  35 Years of Experience) we will be able to Teach you the Knowledge, Give you the Tools/Skills & Demonstrate them in our Private Workshops/Sessions together, which is Necessary for a Rapid Healing & Recovery.  In Addition, you can Fluctuate between our different Programs as you see fit.  

                           ***All Our Telehealth Sessions Are Confidential & Always HIPPA COMPLIANT***

Since Couples/Marriage Workshops  are not covered by insurance, you Do Not have to deal with authorizations or referrals & Never have to deal with an Annual Max. from your insurance company.

*****Many of our Special Programs  are Designed for a 4 to 6 week Duration. *Private Couples/Marriage/Pre-Marriage  Workshops & Private Alcohol/Addictions Workshops.  We No Longer Focus on Traditional Counseling, (coming in once a week for a 45 min. session).  Instead, we have Designed Our Programs for our Individuals & Couples to Immediately come in for our 4 to 6  Sessions Private Workshops. In this way, we can Teach you the Tools, Knowledge & Skills to Immediately, (within the First Workshop), start feeling Hopeful about your Future Together.

****IN ADDITIONWe Are  Opened  *Days *Evenings *Weekends   and **SAME DAY APPTS**

*****Our Philosophy is Simple: YOU ARE NOT ALONE !! Dr. Mitch PsyD  (Doctorate Degree PsyD from Southern California University, MSW from Tulane University and a BA. in Psychology from Lehman/Hunter College)  and Lisa Couples/Relationship Life Coach & Marriage Mediator (Lehman/Hunter College) have worked as a Psychotherapist for over 30 Years, Co-Leading all of our Private Workshops. Couples/Marriage Counseling is our Specialty and we offer a Male/Female Perspective/Perceptions. As Men are wired differently than Women.  **Men are from Mars and Women from Venus**  As well as different Religions & different Cultures have different Perspectives.

 We Specialize in Private Couples/Marriages/Families Workshops & Private Alcohol/Addictions Workshops.  *We Both Co-Lead our Workshops, in order to have a Male & Female Perspective*. Our Clients Love the Fact, that all four of us will sit down together  and Identify your Real Problems, from both a Male and Female Perspective.

 We really are Caring People/Professionals who will  be Sensitive to the Both of  You (We Do Not Take Sides but you can always Count on our Honesty). We will Teach you and Demonstrate to you (right in the First Session) the Skills you need to Communicate Effectively and Therefore, Learn how to Resolve your Problems, Now and in the Future. In Addition, we will Help You Build Trust Back into your Loving Relationship,  by Teaching you the Art of Healing & Forgiveness, Empathy, Compassion & Sensitivity which will bring back Your Loving Relationship that you are both Wanting and Needing.

         *******ONE OF OUR BIGGEST REFERRALS TO OUR PRATICE IS INFIDELITY, DISHONESTY & LACK OF TRANSPARENCY: We have realized that some Emotional and Physical Affairs are in fact, INFATUATIONS & or  LIMERENCE and therefore, limits the Person's Ability to Think and Reason Properly. It can make them act Reckless and Out of Control. Therefore, we treat the Infatuation as an Addiction and Teach the ART OF DEEP LOVE. 

In Addition, Reasons why people Cheat is out of Anger, and desire to get Revenge, Needs that are not being met, Loneliness, Boredom, Feelings of being Neglected, Being Loved Bombed by the person who is Pursuing you, Sexual needs not being satisfied, or just the opportunity  presents itself. All in all, there are many reasons why people cheat, not just one. We will help our Couples Learn why this happened & help our Couples Heal & Forgive, in order to move forward and try to find the Silver-Lining. **Many of our Couples have overcome these Challenges & Now have a much better Relationship in so many ways.

What Is Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

When you are in a relationship with someone who chooses to be unfaithful to you, it can cause lasting effects for many months or years to come. Even when a person wants to move forward, the road is often long and difficult. When infidelity crosses over into your mental health space, this can cause a lasting disorder called Post infidelity stress disorder or PISD.

PISD disorder can make it difficult for a person to be in future relationships and almost always is the root cause of trust issues in their lives moving forward. Depending on the person’s personality, it can cause them to be angry and lash out at their partner, or it can make them very reserved and reluctant to begin or continue romantic relationships.

Aside from the obvious, there are many other things that this disorder makes a person feel or do.

PISD disorder is similar to PTSD in many ways. While its effects only tend to last about a week to a few months, during this period, a person can experience flashbacks, similar to those experienced among people with PTSD. You may replay the sequence of events that led up to you finding out about your partner’s infidelity. You could also relive moments when your partner stayed out late after work or took a mysterious phone call.

It is not uncommon that someone struggling with PISD will equate all mysterious activity to cheating. These assumptions can cause severe emotional blows to the person who is hurting, and the emotional wounds that result can belong-lasting and devastating.

Trust Issues

One of the primary and most apparent outcomes of PISD is trust issues.

Trust is arguably one of the most important aspects of a relationship. If you had everything else in a relationship except trust, what would you have? The emotional stress caused by not trusting your partner canmake the relationship bland and devoid of meaning.

After a person has been cheated on, it can feel like their whole world came crumbling down on top of them. They may feel betrayed, and this can cause them to be hesitant to trust in the future. The pain and turmoil caused by infidelity are not mild and shouldn’t be treated as such.

The trust in themselves and others can be built back up, but the walls built will be high and difficult to get over.

If you or a person you love is struggling with PISD, remember that patience is the best thing you can practice when you are trying to conquer the disorder. Even though you may feel like the onset happened rather quickly, the healing process does take time.


    ***Love Bombing:  Love Bombing is an attempt to influence a person by demonstrations of attention and affection.  It can be used in different ways and for either positive or negative purposes.  Psychologists have identified love bombing as a possible part of a cycle of abuse and have warned against it.

     ***Gaslighting:  Gaslighting is Psychological manipulation that makes the recipient question their feeling, instincts and even their sanity (Preys on your Insecurities & Fears).  It is one of the worst forms of dirty fighting and it is used by both men and women. Gaslighting includes a variety of techniques, such as: *Pretending not to understand someone when you do *Labeling your partners thoughts as crazy or imagined *Questioning the other person's memory of events when they remember correctly *Pretending to forget what actually occurred when you actually remember *Denying promises that you know you made *Trivializing the other person's feelings as being too sensitive when their reaction is somewhat normal.

     ***Trauma Bonding:  Trauma Bonding are emotional bonds with an individual that arise from a recurring cyclical pattern of abuse perpetuated by intermittent reinforcement through rewards and punishments.  This process of forming trauma bonds is referred to as trauma bonding or traumatic bonding. This results when the abused person forms an unhealthy bond with the person that abuse them.  The abused person may develop sympathy for the abusive person, which become reinforced by cycles of abuse, followed by remorse. 

**Most Important we believe Strongly that being Best Friends is the Key to Recovery of Your Deep and Loving Relationship. We therefore, Focus our Attention on being each others (BFF). We want you guys to be able to Support each other, be a Shoulder to cry on, help you through hard times, Celebrate your Achievements and Encourage you to be the Best you can Be. In Short, Someone that you can talk to about everything, and who makes you feel Comfortable without the Fear of Judgement.

***The Healing Process for Infidelity: This Process is Three Fold: Learning about why this happened, without Blaming the Relationship, Being Sensitive, Compassionate & Empathic to the Person who this Trauma was committed on and thus will Help the Person Heal in time. Its Almost the same as POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER: A Disorder in which a Person has Difficulty Recovering after Experiencing or Witnessing a Terrifying Event. This PTSD has Recurring Triggers which can last a very long time and which can bring back Memories of the Trauma accompanied by Intense Emotional and Physical Reactions. Feelings include Intense Anger, Hurt & Pain, Helplessness & Powerlessness, Shock, Despair & Hopelessness, Suicidal Ideation, Feelings that Lower our Self-Esteem & Confidence and More...

*****In Addition, Many of our clients are wanting to know about NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER (NPD) **Some of the Characteristics (at least 5) Include:  *Overinflated sense of self-importance *Constant thoughts about being more successful, powerful, smart, loved  or attractive than others. *Feelings of  Superiority and desire to only associate with high-status people *Need for excessive admiration* Sense of entitlement *Willingness to take advantage of others to achieve goals *Lack of understanding and consideration for other people's feelings and needs *Arrogant or snobby behaviors and attitudes. However, we have been successful in teaching these people Sensitivity, Compassion and Empathy in order to be able to relate to your Feelings & Feel Your Feelings, which can lead to Positive Changes. Have Hope (which is Greater than Fear). ***In Addition, Covert Narcissism is the introverted side of  NPD. These people experience the same insecurities as an Overt Narcissist, but internalizes their self-importance, often while hyper-focusing on their Need for Attention. They come across as Introverted, Self-Conscious and Insecure.

****We also Realized that Digging up the Past in many cases "DOES MORE HARM THAN GOOD" in Dealing with  our Clients. Dr. Mitch PsyD and Lisa Couples/Relationship Life Coach Now Focus Our Individual Clients & Couples Workshops on YOUR PRESENT Life  Challenges and Therefore, we can Help YOU IMMEDIATELY,  by giving YOU the Tools & the Understanding YOU Need to Resolve YOUR  Problems Successfully.

 ***Please Call our UNIVERSAL NUMBER ** 760.708.1482 **for the Local office Location Nearest You.  In Addition, WE ARE NOW PROVIDING OUR SERVICES  (Private Workshops) Via  * TELETHERAPY *TELEHEALTH  *PHONE   *ZOOM.   We are Available *Days *Evenings *Weekends.

*****Remember, their are many Challenges, Problems & Issues that all Couples have, but its the Communication Process that Stays Constant Throughout ones Relationship, therefore, the Communication Process Must be Working Effectively.  With a Communication Breakdown, Couples will Not be able to Resolve their Problems. In Addition, we Specialize in  *Control and Anger Issues* TRUST & LYING* Co-Dependency Issues* Infidelity Issues* Sex & Intimacy *Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Parenting Issues, Emotional Abuse, Pre-Marital Workshops, Bi-Polar & Narcissistic Personalities & much more.

*** THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND***Our Unconscious mind is present without our knowledge (operating under our Radar) in order to Protect us from Psychological Pain and therefore, Sabotages our CLOSE and LOVING Relationships. We have to make the "Unconscious Mind" Conscious and the "Invisible" Visible, in order to understand  our "Inner Child" which is our Unconscious mind and how it Operates. The best way I can describe this Challenge of overcoming this Sabotage is through an example: 

                   If you have ever been in a Circus,  you will remember the high Trapeze and the Men & Women Swinging Back & Forth, Trusting that they will be caught when they reach the other side.  However, if they are Not Caught, they will Fall and Certainly Die. Now, the Trapeze Artist that are Swinging,  Do Not Really Care that much if they are Dropped because even if they Do Fall, their is always a Safety Net to catch them. Well, how many of these Artists would swing Back & Forth if the the Safety Net was taken away?  Probably, None of them, because they would Certainly Die if there was just one mistake and they Fell to the Ground.  Well, that's the way our Unconscious Minds try to Protect You from getting Hurt & Devastated. In Essence, Deep Love means Loving without the Safety Net. Deep Love means Vulnerability, not being in Control, which in turn creates much Fear & Anxiety of getting Blind -Sided and Hurt/Devastated. Most of us have been Hurt/Devastated many times in our Lives and therefore, our Unconscious Mind Does Not Want to ever be Hurt again. Our Unconscious Mind Must Stop your Close and Loving Relationship by Sabotaging your Love by Creating Space, Distance and Conflict.  The Unconscious mind changes your Trust and Deep Love for each other and the result is that we pull back and put our (Guard Up High) and start to Mistrust and Mistreat our Loved ones. If  left unchecked this Unconscious Dynamic Sabotages our Loving Relationship by Creating Conflict & Distance.

                 In Summary, we Both Must Make our Unconscious Mind Visible, so we can Control and Stop the Sabotage that is Destroying our Loving Relationship and our Happiness. We Must over-come our Fears & Anxieties by Learning to be Strong through having a High Self-Esteem.


****Our Practice Specializes in working with Adults, Couples/Marriages/Families & People Suffering With *RELATIONSHIP Problems *Communication Breakdowns *Pre-Marital Communication Challenges *Anxiety *Depression *CO-Dependency, ALCOHOL PROBLEMS  *Addictions/Substance Abuse *Infidelity *Narcissism *Bi-POLAR DISORDER *SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES *TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS *Lying (Honesty & Transparency is the only path to a Loving Relationship)  *Anger & Control *SEX & INTIMACY *JEALOUSY & TRUST ISSUES *PARENTING & BLENDING FAMILIES TOGETHER & Marriages Thinking about Divorce.

*****Lisa and Dr. Mitch will work with you, Without having to DIG UP THE  PAST & OPENING UP A "CAN OF WORMS". We Operate in the Present & Help you at a Much Faster Pace.

*****Our 30+ Years of Experience as a Psychotherapist, Marriage/Couple Counselor in Private Practice and Our Own Experiences in our Life will be shared with you, so that We Will Work Together on making Your Life as Meaningful and Fulfilling to You & Your Loved Ones.

*****If you Choose us, we will be COMMITTED to Helping You and Work with You to Deal With All Aspects of Your Life, in order to GET BACK Your Loving Relationship.

******AFTERCARE/LIFE COACHING*** This Program is Designed to follow you through your Life Journey. We stay with you even after you Graduate from our Program. We will Continue to Guide  you for as long as you want us to, by coming back to us every so often for a TUNE-UP.

 **In Addition, we do have our  Cancellation Policy (pay the price for the session), for not Canceling within 48 hours of your appointment time. Thank you for understanding, as we have many clients that we have to turn away, due to our busy practice.

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